Debbie Rangousis, MBA

Debbie Rangousis, MBA


Overall, what was your experience like with the Aston Online MBA programme?

It's been an incredibly positive experience. All the staff on the programme go above and beyond to help you, the work is current, relevant and hugely engaging.

What are your career goals and how has the Aston Online MBA programme prepared you to achieve them?

I’ve wanted to consult for a while now, but with just having a BCompt (accounting), I did not feel that I had quite enough knowledge to consult on all aspects of business. The MBA has given me exposure to marketing, operations, strategy, finance, economics and so much more. We had many opportunities to work with fellow students, and brainstorm problems and projects. I’ve received the tools I needed to be able to consult and add real value to a business. 

As an online programme student, what tips can you share with others?

Online studying requires you to plan your time very carefully. Plan each week to the minute and do your very best to stick to it. The MBA has a very big workload, so falling behind is a very bad idea. Do all the weekly quizzes, go to all the lectures and immerse yourself in the work. Also plan in a few free hours, where you can step away from your work and rest. I found this critical in keeping my mind sharp and focused. 

Can you describe the support you received from Aston during your time in the online MBA programme?

Aston staff walk the journey with you, every step of the way. There is always a lecturer ready to answer a question or offer some guidance. The technical and support staff do whatever is humanly possible to help you solve any issue you have and are always ready to point you in the right direction, should they not know the answers. They were phenomenal!

What was your favourite part of the Aston Online MBA programme?

I loved being able to study and engage with fellow students and lecturers from the comfort of my home. I also really enjoyed how current the course is. We looked at many companies that have experienced problems recently. We used them as case studies to demonstrate a principle or point. Each module is completely different to the next, and the assignments and weekly assessments are all presented so differently. That helped keep me engaged and interested.

Are you considering the next step in your education, an Aston Online DBA? If not, what are your educational and career plans moving forward?

Yes! I need to take a break and give some time back to my family and my career, but I’ve definitely considered getting an online DBA, and the only university I would consider is Aston.

What type of student would excel in the Aston Online MBA programme?

A highly motivated student will excel in this course. Your Why? (am I doing this course) needs to be very strong. It’s long hours, and very academically challenging, so the student needs to be prepared to put the MBA first, and everything else needs to take a lower priority in their life. A good support structure at home really helps too. I found myself glued to my desk for two years, so be prepared for that. Having said that, I cannot recommend the course enough. I often use the analogy of comparing my brain to a big dark house. Before the MBA, I had lights on in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and the bedroom. Now with all the knowledge from the MBA, I feel like I have access to almost all the other rooms and passages in the house. I found rooms I didn’t know existed!  Almost all the lights are on now, and my ability to think critically and quickly while under pressure is vastly improved. In summary, I cannot recommend the programme enough.