Why Aston University?

Why Aston University?

The Aston Business School ranks among the elite 1 percent of business schools worldwide with triple accreditation from AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS, the leading accreditation bodies for business schools in the UK., US., and Europe. Our online business programmes are designed to develop advanced managerial skills, enhance strategic thinking and decision-making, and produce German graduates who can affect organisational change.

An Online Business Programme With an International Approach

Your education should cross borders as the modern business does. A prestigious UK. online business degree will help you position yourself for a successful career at international firms in Germany or anywhere in the world. Many German recruiters value a candidate with a UK degree, particularly for positions in international companies.

Flexible Admissions Requirements

Utilise your solid business work experience to gain admittance to a triple-accredited U.K. online business degree programme with an international reputation. Compared with many German universities' online programmes, Aston University combines high rank and accolades with more flexible admissions requirements. Individuals who have seven years of progressive work experience in the business realm may apply to Aston's online business programme in Germany, even without having completed a bachelor's degree.

Cost-Effective for Online Students

As an Aston online student, you can pay approximately one third the tuition of many German business programmes for a world-class, triple-accredited U.K. business degree.

Gain a Professional Global Network From an Online Business Programme

Studying with people from all over the world presents Germans with tremendous networking opportunities. Join a network of alumni from around the world with unique cultural perspectives. Build an international network of contacts that can stand you in good stead throughout your career.

Expand Your Potential With Key Skills From Your Masters Degree


  • Leadership - Build competencies to think and act like a leader. Negotiate with confidence and define the direction of your career.
  • Communication - Improve your written and oral communication skills to inspire teamwork and gain insight.
  • Networking - Build connections with peers, professors, and Aston alumni.
  • Change Management - Understand what it means to be a change agent and have the skills to lead change.
  • Ethical Awareness - Develop a total understanding of business ethics and the important role businesses play in communities
  • Self-Confidence/Self-Awareness - Know your strengths and how to communicate them to potential employers. Develop true confidence in your abilities

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